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10M Disposable MO Tattoo Repair Film Tattoos Protective Tattoo Supplies Accessories

1.Good Air Permeability,Prevent Cross Infection From Bacteria.
2.24hours To Increase Oxygen Absorption,Quickly Form A Protective Film.
3.Protect The Surface Of Tattoo,Prevent External Bacteria Enter The Tattoo Wound.
4.Lamination Method Is Simple,The Product Is 3 Layers,Scrap The First Layer And Put The Second Layer On The Surface Of Skin, And Then Tear Off The Top Layer Is OK.
5.Generally Use For 3 Days,Waterproof.


Quick Details

Brand Name: MO
Model Number: QJ-054
Product name: MO Tattoo Repairing Film
Size: 10m
Packing: 15 CM * 10 M
Weight: Approx. 340
Application: Body Art
Feature: Disposable
Usage: Tattoo Aftercare


The Use Of Time Is In The Tattoo After The End Of The Pattern Size Can Be Arbitrarily Cut, It Is Recommended To Repair The Four Sides Should Be Posted More Than Tattoo Parts 1 Cm, In Order To Better Protect The Tattoo Parts

First:Tattoo After Cleaning A Good Wound, Paste The Protective Paste After 2-3 Hours, Opened To Wipe Off The Blood Tissue Fluid Clean Up The Wound

Second: The First Post Torn Off After Cleaning Up The Wound, And Then Re-Posted The Second Paste, For Three Days Or So, But Not More Than A Week.

If You Encounter The Following Circumstances To Stop The Use Of The Second Stickers Are Not Conducive To The Use Of Tattoo Recovery

1. Lesions Are Relatively Large After The First Tear To Tear Up The Blood Tissue Fluid Also Seepage
2. Protector Around The Skin Swelling And Itching Symptoms, Said The Customer Skin For The Protective Paste Ingredients Allergies

How To Use The Tattoo Aftercare Bandage Roll

1.Cut a suitable size according your tattoo

2.Tear off the lower layer

3.Stick the tattoo bandage on your skin

4.Tear Off The Upper Layer

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