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10m Protective Breathable Tattoo Repairing Film

Tattoo Aftercare Film

Breathable, Waterproof, Flexible

Product Description

1.Good Air Permeability, Prevent Cross Infection From Bacteria.

2.24hours To Increase Oxygen Absorption, Quickly Form A Protective Film.

3.Protect The Surface Of Tattoo, Prevent External Bacteria Enter The Tattoo Wound.

4.Lamination Method Is Simple,The Product Is 3 Layers, Scrap The First Layer And Put

5.The Second Layer On The Surface Of Skin, And Then Tear Off The Top Layer Is Ok.

6.Generally Use For 3 Days, Waterproof.


Flexible, breathable and Waterproof protective film used to protect your tattoo and assist with hassle free healing by keeping out dirt and germs.

Reduce Infection – It causes the skin to breathe naturally and excretes water, air and sweat. Reduction of scabies, Less risk of infection or other external factors that will damage the tattoo.

Disposable – Isolate bacteria from the outside effectively. The patch minimizes damage to the skin and prevents external bacteria from entering the tattoo.

Good breathability – Tattoo repair stickers Allows oxygen to enter and evaporate moisture, maintains tattoo color.

Wide Use – This bandage to heal tattoos can protect the new tattoo from friction, prevent external bacteria from entering the tattoo wound.

100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee: If you are not satisfied with our products, we will provide you with a 90-day refund or a change guarantee.


The use time is after the end of the tattoo, and can be arbitrarily cut according to the size of the pattern. It is recommended that the four sides of the repaired sticker should exceed 1 cm of the tattoo part respectively to better protect the tattooed part.

The first post: After cleaning the wound after the tattoo, attach the protective sticker for 2-3 hours, uncover and wipe off the blood tissue fluid to clean the wound.

Second post: After the first post is removed, clean the wound and re-post the second post for about three days, but not more than one week.


If you encounter the following conditions, stop the use of the second post protector, otherwise it is not conducive to tattoo recovery.

1. The skin lesions are relatively large. After the first post is torn off, blood tissue fluid is continuously oozing out.

2. The skin appears red and itchy around the protective sticker, indicating that the customer’s skin is allergic to the protective patch ingredients.

3. The filming method is very simple. The product is 3 layers, the first layer is torn off, the second layer is attached to the skin surface, and finally the upper layer can be peeled off.

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