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20*30*0.13cm tattoo eyebrow practice skin high quality Permanent makeup eyebrow tattoo training Skin Microblading supply skin

Tattoo Practice Skin high quality training skin

***Package: 1pcs

***Plain surface for freestyle design and practice, Practice different techniques, from outlining to shading

***Made from synthetic skin-like material

***Allow you to improve your skills without practicing on real skinFlexible and has a similar feel as human skin,

Thick enough for double sided usage


Function: Tattoo Practice

Size: 200*300*1.3mm

Weight: 0.1kg

Packing: 1pc/opp bag

How to Effectively Use Tattoo Practice Skin

In order to get the most out of your tattoo practice skin you need to understand how to use them the right way.

Follow these simple steps for using your practice sheets and getting as close to a realistic surface as possible:

1. Begin by gathering your tattoo practice skin, thermal paper, and the image you want to make a tattoo of.

2. Make a copy of the image using the thermal paper in a thermal copier.

3. Carefully cut out the image from the thermal copy.

4. Place the stencil on the tattoo practice skin.

5. Now that the image is secure, begin to practice on the outline of the image on to the tattoo skin.

6. Wipe away excess ink and keep the surface clean.

7. Once the outline is drawn, practice shading the areas until you have the look you desire.

Manage your work area and apply hygiene measures – Before you get into the action, think of your working environment. How are you going to clean the surface you are working on?  Do you have something to dispose of used needles? How will you organize your material? Are there hygiene measures you should be aware of before you start?  During your practice session, manage your work area and apply hygiene measures, even if there’s no real danger!

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