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30mm Gradient color Adjustable Tattoo Cartridge Grip

Net weight: 64.5g Gross weight: 134.5g

Size: 80.5mm*30mm

Packing: handle box + 3 stainless steel thimble rods (85-90-95mm)

Color: two-color black gold-pink blue

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1. Material: aluminum alloy

2. Process: CNC integrated precision carving

3. Card pin size: Cheyenne standard

4. Structure: Built-in steel ball to adjust the needle structure

5. Color: two-color gradient


1. CNC carved craftsmanship, delicate hand feeling, high grade;

2.304 thickened steel pipe, durable and abrasion resistant, lock machine will not shake;

3. Fashion appearance, delicate color and rich color;

4. Built-in high-grade stainless steel positioning steel ball in the main body, adjust the needle position clearly, and the sound is crisp;

5. Ergonomic appearance design, sweating and not slippery, not tired after long-term use;

6. Suitable for most of the integrated needles on the market.

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