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38mm aluminum Tattoo Cartridge Grip

Net weight: 114.5g Gross weight: 189.5g

Size: 80mm*39mm

Packing: Grip box + 3 stainless steel thimble rods (85-90-95mm)

Color: 2 colors black-silver

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1. Except for the stainless steel pole, the rest is made of aluminum alloy, and the internal accessories are also aluminum alloy, so it can be directly sterilized by high temperature, which is clean and hygienic, convenient and practical;

2. Detachable structure, built-in high-precision elastic positioning steel ball, can be rotated to adjust the needle, the sound is crisp, durable, wear-resistant, and long service life;

3. The thickened stainless steel pipe is used to lock the machine more firmly, without shaking, and the steel pipe will not be deformed after long-term use; the handshake part is carved and trimmed, and the non-slip design makes it feel good and more practical;

4. With a scale ruler on the handle body, the needle can be adjusted more accurately, the needle can be controlled better, and the use is more convenient;

5. The size of the bottom embedding needle is 11.7*10.5mm, the standard Cheyenne needle size, suitable for most tattoo needles on the market;

6. Classic gourd shape of the handshake part, comfortable grip, non-slip design, not tired after long use.

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