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Adjustable stainless steel grip (32mm)

Process: CNC integrated fine carving

Material: 316 stainless steel

Color: stainless steel natural color-electroplating black-camouflage bright color

Diameter: 32mm Size: 80.4mm*32mm

Weight: net weight 215g gross weight: 280g

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1. Bright appearance, regular size, multiple colors, popular styles abroad;

2. The overall 316 stainless steel material, the weight is sufficient, the tattoo wiring is easier, just push gently;

3. Fully disassembled structure, the whole can be directly sterilized by high temperature, clean and sanitary, convenient and practical;

4. The grip is built-in steel ball, which can be rotated to adjust the needle, the sound is crisp, durable, wear-resistant, and long service life;

5. With 85-90-95mm stainless steel needle bar each, different size needle bars can be used according to different size machines to ensure normal use;

6. The built-in stainless steel high pressure spring has good elasticity and can better fix the internal parts without shaking, so that the lock needle can not shake;

7. Exquisitely carved and cut edges of the handshake part, non-slip design, good hand feeling and more practical

8. With a scale ruler on the handle, the needle can be better controlled and used more accurately;

The size of the bottom embedding needle is 11.7*10.5mm standard Cheyenne needle size, which can be applied to most tattoo needles on the market.

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