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Ballpoint Tattoo Pen Cartridges DotWork Tattoo Practice Cartridges For Beginner

Ballpoint  Pen Dotwork Tattoo Cartridges For Beginner

Color Available: Red, Black, Green, Blue, Purple(other color accept OEM)

Individual packed by blister paper, 20pcs per box


The tattoo ballpoint pen cartridges are intended for use as a practice tool for tattoo artists, then they would be designed to fit into standard ballpoint pens,

allowing artists to practice their drawing and tattooing techniques without the need for actual tattoo ink.

They would feature a fine tip and smooth ink flow, similar to a standard ballpoint pen, to ensure accurate and precise lines when practicing tattoo designs or techniques.

Tattoo ballpoint pen cartridges designed for practice can be a useful tool for tattoo artists who want to improve their skills and technique without the risk of making mistakes on actual clients. They offer a cost-effective and convenient solution for artists who want to hone their craft and develop their skills without the need for expensive equipment or actual tattoo ink.

Helps you practice and master your dotwork, stippling, whip, shading, and linework skills.

This cartridge fits all standard universal cartridge tattoo machine

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