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Biodegradable And ECO-Friendly MO Paper Ink Cups

  1. MO Paper Ink Caps, Comes in 3 sizes – 10mm Small, 15mm Medium, 18mm Large; 200pcs per bag. Each ink cap is made from molded paper stock. Artists can lower their carbon footprint and help protect the environment too.
  2. Each ink cap is made from thick, pressed, and molded paper stock and packaged in a classic brown paper bag.
  3. Our biodegradable barriers are constructed with unified source PLA(PBAT/starch) and printed with soy based ink.



  1. Our biodegradable ink caps are made from an eco-friendly cellulose pulp waterproof materials. Produced at high pressure, which makes these stout and robust.
  2. They do not soften, leak or tip like many other environmentally friendly options and contain zero harmful fossil fuels , unlike traditional plastic ink caps.
  3. Every tattoo artists small choices can make a lasting effect on our environment. Put a little GREEN in every tattoo.

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