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Disposable silicone adjustable tattoo cartridge grip (25pcs/box)

Material: Plastic + Silicone

Color: 4 colors: black, red, gray, orange

Production date-shelf life: 2020.3-2025.3

Product weight: 37.1g (single, including packaging)

Packaging-configuration: advanced blister packaging, with pin cushion and transmission rod and sterilization certificate card

Packing size: 109mm*31mm

Product size: 81.4mm*31mm

Needle bar length: 89.5mm



1. Adjustable structure, the handle can adjust the length of the needle;

2. Soft silicone handle cover, feel good, not tired after long use;

3. Ergonomic non-slip design, sweating and not slippery;

4. Straight handle, common to most machines on the market, the handle rod size is 25.5mm*7.9mm;

5. High temperature disinfection has been carried out before leaving the factory, and the handle has a disinfection card, which is clean and hygienic.

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