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Disposable transparent tattoo needle tips

Product material: high quality PE plastic

Product color: white and transparent

Product weight: about 100g/box

Product description: a box of 100 boxes, a box of 50, blister packaging, clean and hygienic, there are now 30 models to choose from

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Tips for choosing needle nozzles for tattoo needles:

Round needles (RL, RS) are equipped with R and D needle nozzles, and pin headers (F, M1, M2, RM) are equipped with F needle nozzles.

Among them, M2 is a double row, and the matching needle nozzle is half the size or one size larger.

All others choose the same size or one size larger.

Product name

BlackBird Tattoo Transparent Disposable Tip


high-grade plastic


ROUND: 3RT-5RT-7RT-9RT-11RT-13RT-14TR- 15RT-18RT



F: open F, MF: close F

Packing: 50 pcs / BOX


Length: 1.88in External

diameter: 0.07in

Internal diameter: 0.03in

Quantity: 50pcs/box

Safety:Sterilized by EO gas


-Disposable tattoo tips are made of high-grade plastic.Safe and healthy.

-E.O. pre-sterilized and individually packaged in blister pack.

-For one-time use only, more convenient and safe than sterilize and clean the tubes.

-Light clear colors tip body to easy tattooing and better visibility.

-The tattoo tips can compatible with All common tattoo needles and tattoo machines.

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