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Dragon Tooth II Tattoo Pen Machine with Mabuchi II Motor Tattoo Pen Gun

Net weight: 142g Gross weight: 310g

Size: 113.5mm*37.5mm (middle ring size) (the smallest part of the handshake is only 22mm)

Packing: pen box with upper and lower lid + DC line

Color: 2 colors rose red-black red circle



  1. Interface: DC interface

2. Material: Aluminum alloy

3. Process: CNC integrated precision

4. Motor: Mabuchi Motor

5. Starting voltage: 5v

6. Working voltage: 8-10V

7. Speed: 10V11000 rpm

8. Color: Black Pink Sliver


1. The new motor is upgraded, and the power performance is more stable. It is upgraded to 10v11000 revolutions on the basis of the original 10V9000 revolutions, ensuring stable power output and meeting the needs of tattoo artists for daily patterning;

2. The body is CNC integrated with precision carving technology, and anodized to ensure exquisite appearance, delicate color, no rough workmanship, no burrs, small gaps between accessories, wear resistance, and long service life of the tattoo pen;

3. The new-style main body has a detachable structure and is fixed by screws, making it easy to disassemble and assemble, making it easier to replace parts and maintain in the future;

4. The use of pure copper DC interface, wear-resistant and no deformation; built-in plum cross flower plate, stable needle output, long-term use;

5. The main part is equipped with an adjustable steel ball for positioning, which makes the adjustment of the needle more precise, the click-click-click rotation sound is clear, durable and wear-resistant, and completely solves the problem of traditional rubber bands that are easy to break;

6. The needle port adopts the standard Cheyenne size, and most of the integrated needles on the market can be used;

Support OEM product Service

Customized packaging (Min. Order: 100 Pieces)

Customized logo (Min. Order: 20 Pieces)

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