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Fast Heat Dissipation Tattoo Coil Machines for Professional Tattoo Supplies Kit

Powerful function: The tattoo machine uses copper wire, which has high electrical conductivity and magnetic permeability and reliable quality. The spring is made of high-quality composite material with high elasticity and fatigue resistance. Normal start 5V, working voltage 7-10v, stable bounce, strong back seat magnetism.


✦ Double coil: The tattoo machine is made of high-quality aluminum alloy material, hand-polished, beautiful and safe. The body shape is very unique, and the high-quality 10-turn double coil is specially designed for tattoo machines.
✦ Fast heat dissipation function: The heat dissipation function of the tattoo machine is powerful and very stable. The rapid thermal diffusion allows it to work continuously for many hours without any heat. It can work for a long time, the color is bright and safe.
✦ Stable work: The tattoo machine is equipped with a high-performance motor to make the needle more stable, smooth lines, easy to color, reduce skin damage and help relieve skin pain.
✦ Professional tools: The tattoo machine uses double coils, standard 10-piece coils and professional tattoo machine accessories. Easy to operate, easy to replace and disassemble. Very suitable for tattoo artists and tattoo lovers, this is a very professional tattoo tool.

1. The tattoo machine can start at voltage of 5V and can work normally at 10V.
2. The tattoo machine adopts lightweight alloy frame, compact size and easy to use.
3. The spring is made of high‑quality composite material, with high elasticity and fatigue resistance, suitable for long‑term work.
4. The pure iron armature rod has excellent magnetic permeability.
5. The high‑quality 10‑turn double‑coil is specially designed for tattoo machines.

Condition:100% New
Item Type: Tattoo Machine
Commodity Material: Alloy
Commodity Coil: 10 Turns
Starting Voltage: 5V
Working Voltage: 7-10V
Applicable grip Type: Cartridges grip or ordinary grip
Applicable Needle Type: Select the appropriate needle according to the handle
Applicable cable Type: Clip Cord

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