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Flame Needle Cartridges With Soft Membrane

Disposable Soft Membrane FLAME Tattoo Needle Cartridges Black Finger Tattoo Cartridges Ledge 20pcs/box

1) Cartridge Needles with membrane compatible with All types Cartridge grips&most machines. The Material for the membrane is silicone rubber that’s providing fine buffering performance while tattooing .

2) Compatible with most types size cartridge grips & machines.

3) Premium Stainless Steel Needles and Medical Plastic Cartridge Tips.

4) E.O. Pre-sterilized and packaged in sterile blister packs.

5) Color Caps – Easy to find the right cartridges(RL – Red, RS – Yellow, M1 – Blue, RM – Purple), accept OEM.

6)Also Support to OEM boxes and back blister paper.


1) Flame tattoo cartridges made and assembled in the most hygienic condition.

2) compatible with all types of Cheyenne size cartridges and machines.

3) Made of premium needles, protective membrane inside the system.

4) A unique and industry first feature, the eaves for fingers give you the perfect place to rest your finger while you work.

5) EO Pre-sterilized and packaged in sterile blister packs.

6) new style Perfect plastic design holds ink well and makes ink flow better.

7) needles are ideal for better stabilization, minimizes needle vibration.

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