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HELLO III Tattoo Battery power supply

Net weight: 70g Gross weight: about 220g

Dimensions: length 74.5mm*thickness 33.5mm

Packing: upper and lower cover box + USB power cord + manual

Color: 2 colors black-red

Interface: RCA interface + DC interface (outer diameter 5.5 inner diameter 2.1)


Product parameters:

1. Material quality: aluminum alloy + acrylic, the middle part is aluminum alloy;

2. Appearance: three-dimensional, square;

2. Charging time: fast charge, 1.5-2 hours can be fully charged;

3. Use time: under the condition of normal voltage of 4 grades of 8V, the stable voltage can be used for about 6 hours;

4. LCD display content: output voltage gear + battery usage;

5. Lithium battery capacity: the total capacity is 1650 mAh, with three built-in 550 mAh lithium batteries;


1. Built-in memory function: the V number of the power supply when the power is turned on is the V number when it was turned off last time;

2. Pause function: press O key to pause, press again to start working;

3. Universal charging port: most of the Android USB data cables on the market are universal;

Instructions for use:

1. Power on: long press the middle O button for 3 seconds to turn on, and then long press for 3 seconds to turn off;

2. Pause: short press the O key during normal work to pause the work, press again to resume work;

3. Adjust the voltage: press the + or-key to adjust the gear position, corresponding to gear positions 1-8 respectively represent 5-12V;

4. Battery display: displayed on the LCD screen, fully charged to 4 cells;

5. Charging: There is an external USB charging port on the power supply, you can use a worn USB data cable or mobile phone Android data cable for charging, there is overload protection, and the power is turned off when it is full;

Power parameters:

1. Input: The charging port is powered by the USB data cable. The built-in battery is 3 pieces, 550mA/piece, 3.7V battery, and the output current is fixed at 1A;

2. Output: Supply power to external equipment through RCA interface or DC interface, voltage level: (1-8 levels correspond to 5-12V) Press + or-to switch the voltage level, 5V is the lowest voltage, 1 level corresponds 5V, 2nd gear corresponds to 6V, and so on, 8th gear corresponds to 12V;

3. Power storage: fast charge through the matched fast charge USB data cable, normally it can be fully charged within 1.5-2 hours, fully charged to 4 cells, and it can be used normally for about 5-6 hours when working at 8V;

4. Packing: Contains: power supply*1 data cable*1 English manual*1 packing box*1

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