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HELLO Tattoo Pen Machine (Coreless Motor)

Net weight: 127g Gross weight: 300g

Size: 87*32.5mm

Packing: pen box with upper and lower lid + RCA line

Color: 3 colors black-gold-silver

Parameters: 1. Interface: RCA interface 2. Material: Aluminum alloy 3. Process: CNC integrated precision 4. Motor: Coreless flat motor 5. Starting voltage: 5V 6. Working voltage: 7-9V 7. Rotation speed: 9V12000 rpm 8. Stroke: 0-3.5mm



1. The new short-stroke direct drive structure, direct drive drive, stable needle ejection;

2. Built-in hollow cup flat motor, full power, high torque, stable output, light sound, no heat;

3. Pure copper RCA interface, durable and abrasion resistant, will not be deformed after long use;

4. CNC integrated precision carving process, exquisite appearance, fine color, no rough workmanship, no burrs, small gaps between parts, wear resistance, and long service life;

4. The main body is equipped with an adjustable steel ball for positioning, which makes it more precise to adjust the needle. The click-click-click rotation sound is crisp, durable and wear-resistant, completely solving the problem of traditional rubber bands that are easy to break;

5. The needle port adopts the standard Cheyenne size, and most of the integrated needles on the market can be used;

6. finely carved vertical lines on the handshake part, anti-skid design, suitable for long-term tattoos, sweating and not slippery, not tired after long-term use;


1.Direct derive system make tattoo machine.get stronger power.better for lines and shadow;

2.Build-in coreless motor,strong power,stable output,light sound,no fever;

3.Pure copper RCA interface, durable and wear-resistant, no deformation after long-term use;

4.CNC integrated engraving process, exquisite appearance, no burrs,wear resistance and long service life;

5.Can be adjusted with steel balls to adjust the needle more accurately;

6.Hand-carved vertical cut edges in the handshake area, anti-slip design,suitable for long-time tattoos, sweating without slipping, and not tired after long-term use .

7.The RCA head can be removed and replace with battery pack for wireless working .

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