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High quality Carved Patterns Tattoo Power Non-slip Multifunctional Digital Tattoo Power Supply

Product name: carved power supply

Material: zinc alloy

Colour: Gold/ Grey/ Sliver

Gross Weight: 850 g

Output current: 3.4 A

Output voltage: 0-18 V

Accessories: 1 adapter, 1 power cord


Instructions for use:

1. The output voltage is 0-18V, adjust the voltage through the knob;

2. The output current is 3.4 amperes;

3. Two tattoo machines can be connected, one is working and the other is in standby. Press and hold the knob for 2 seconds to switch, and the green indicator light of the corresponding jack is in working state;

4. Lazy mode/point pedal mode, switch by pressing the knob, the green indicator light is on for lazy mode;

5. Forced start function, double-click the knob and the screen will display “ON” forced start function is turned on, “OFF” forced start function is closed;

6. It will automatically enter the dormant state if it does not work for 5 minutes, the voltage display and the light will be off in the dormant state, and lightly press the knob or lightly pedal to wake up;

7. 3mm magnetic anti-skid pad, can be adsorbed on the iron workbench

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