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HRK Tattoo Needle Cartridges with safety Membrane

Disposable HRK  Tattoo Needle Cartridges for professional Body Art 20pcs/box

1) Hurricane(HRK) Cartridge Needles with membrane compatible with All types Cartridge grips&most machines. The Material for the membrane is silicone rubber that’s providing fine buffering performance while tattooing.

2) Compatible with most types size cartridge grips & machines.

3) Premium Stainless Steel Needles and Medical Plastic Cartridge Tips.

4) E.O. Pre-sterilized and packaged in sterile blister packs.

5) Color Caps – Easy to find the right cartridges(RL – Red, RS – Yellow, M1 – Blue, RM – Purple), accept OEM.

6) Also Support to OEM boxes and back blister paper.


Available Configurations:

RL – Round Liner 

RS –  Round Shader

M1 –  Magnum

RM –  Curved Magnum

1) Compatible with All types cartridge grips & Cartridge machines.

2) Made of Japanese stainless steel. Safety membrane inside system.

3) E.O. Pre-sterilized and packaged in sterile blister packs.

4) Low profile housing & better ink flow & shaped on the inside.

5) Pre-sterilized with ethylene oxide gas.

6) Needles marked with lot #, size, sterilization and expiry dates.

7) Highest-quality, surgical stainless-steel.

8) Individually blister packed.

9) Standard-length loop bars to fit all machines & tubes.

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