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Hurricane Tattoo Needles

The tattoo needles are the indispensable tools for tattooing.

They are made from high quality material, harmless to human health.

This professional tattoo needles are fit for all sorts of tattoo machines.

All of them are pre-sterilized and pre-made, convenient to liner and shader.

It features  fine lines and detailed work, the making effect is remarkable.

Absolutely safe and healthy to the skin.

The perfect choice for people who like tattooing!



1. It is made of high quality stainless steel, durable enough for your daily using

2. It is a must for a current or future needle

3. Each needle is individually packed in it’s own factory,they are harmless to you health

4. Carefully designed, excellent for use

5. These tattoo needles will give you a satisfied tattoo

6. For optimum safety and quality, you can trust these tattoo needles which have been sterilized

7. Perfect for all sorts of tattoo machines

8. Suitable for professional use or home use

Hurricane Tattoo Needle is top-level tattoo needle brand, just for professional artists. It’s a professional traditional tattoo needle, this type needles improved from old standard needles on material and soldering, but price same for economical choice.

Professional artists tested and recommended, quality assured.

Every needle made from best quality medical grade stainless steel and finest Lead-free soldering process. Each needle comes individually packaged, sterilized with ethylene oxide gas, and marked with an easy to read sterilization indicator to ensure a safe procedure.

Packing: 50pcs per boxes.

Single Use Needles Allow For Easy Cleanup

Needles are individually Blister packed and Pre-Sterilized with E.O. Gas

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