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Large Capacity 1800mAh Timing and Memory Replaced Tattoo Battery For wireless tattoo pen

Tattoo Pen Battery

Android USB interface

Battery Capacity: 1800 mAh

Recharging Time:

1.5-2 Hours

Working time:

7-8 hours

Timing function

Memory function


Power parameters:

1. Input: The device is charged through the USB charging port, and then the lithium battery is stored. The built-in battery is 3 pieces, 600mA/piece, 3.7V battery;

2. Output: The output current is fixed at 2A, and the lithium battery releases the power storage through the activation of the switch key, and supplies power to the built-in motor to start the tattoo pen. Voltage range: (5-12V) Press the “+” or “-” key to switch the voltage range, 5V is the lowest voltage, 12V is the highest voltage, and the adjustment range is 0.5V each time;

3. Power storage: It can be charged through the matched USB data cable. It can be fully charged in 1.5-2 hours under normal no power state, and it can be fully charged in 4 grids. It can be used for more than 7 hours under the condition of 8V, and the voltage is stable. When the last grid of electricity is left, it needs to be charged to ensure the normal use of the next;

4. Selling points: ①. Simple operation, convenient use, one pen can work, no pedal hook power supply; ②. HD LCD display, large screen, beautiful appearance; ③. Enhanced battery life, working time at least 7 hours, Ensure stable output; ④. Diversified display, direct display of working hours and voltage levels, intuitive, convenient and practical; ⑤. Handshake part is carved and cut edge non-slip design, long-term use, sweating and not slippery; ⑥. Can be purchased separately Half-cut lithium battery can be replaced, multiple spares, emergency and worry-free; ⑦. It can be equipped with RCA adapter, use power supply, hook wire and foot pedal for operation, one stroke can be used for multiple purposes; ⑧. The card pin port is Cheyenne standard size, applicable Most of the integrated needles on the market; ⑨. Laser engraving LOGO, free of charge from 20 sets, the lower half of the style can be customized for large quantities; ⑩. The output is enhanced, 2.0A output, to ensure sufficient power, secant and fogging easily; 11. The adjustment handle is built-in with high-grade stainless steel positioning steel balls, which can be adjusted accurately, the sound is clear and the use effect is better.

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