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MO Crown Tattoo Pen Machine

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Feature: Permanent

Type: Tattoo Gun

Material: Aluminum alloy

Gun Type: Electric

Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China

Brand Name: MO

Model Number: MDJ-126


Product name: MO Long tattoo pen machine

Color: Gold/Black/Red/Pink/Blue/Purple

Motor: Taiwan Motor

Speed: 10000rpm

Weight: 183g

Size: 118*29.5mm

Working voltage: 8-10V

Interface: RCA

Advantage: Liner well

Packing: 1pc/box

Net weight: 183g Gross weight: 410g

Packing size: 185x135x45mm

Tattoo pen size: 118×29.5mm (36.3mm at the widest part)

Packing: upper and lower lid box

Built-in: Tattoo pen*1 Soft silicone RCA cable*1 Accessory bag*1

Color: black-red-blue-purple-gold (gold is a classic)


1. Interface: RCA interface

2. Material: Aluminum alloy

3. Craft: One-piece carved

4. Motor: Mabuchi Motor

5. Starting voltage: 6v

6. Working voltage: 8-10V


1. Adopting the second generation of Mabuchi motor, with high power, low skin damage, fast coloring, easy to cut and fogging, no heat, stable work;

2. CNC integrated machine frame and body parts, with high fitting degree, light sound, wear resistance and long service life;

3. Detachable structure, simple disassembly and assembly, convenient use, normal maintenance, and more convenient replacement of accessories, which can reduce the after-sales problems of the machine;

4. The built-in double spring structure ensures that the needle is more stable while the power is large, and the machine has good balance, which can meet the needs of various patterns;

5. Intricately carved and non-slip design on the handshake part, suitable for long-term tattoos, with good hand feeling and no effort;

6. New structure, it is more convenient to rotate and adjust the needle.

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