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Multifunctional hydraulic rotation adjustable tattoo chair for professional tattoo artist & Senior tattoo studio

Material: iron electroplate frame, PVC leather, high density sponge

Package Size: 145*75*85CM

Package Weight: 55kg

The back and feet of the bed can freely adjust the angle and lay flat, comfortable and easy to use


The feet and head can be adjusted in length, suitable for people of various heights

The armrest rotates 360 degrees, the height can be adjusted up and down and the angle of the armrest can be adjusted horizontally

Overall hydraulic lifting, 360 degree rotation, no dead angle operation at any angle

Lockable and rotatable, can be lifted up and down, the highest increase is 13CM


1. Premium Multifunctional Soft Tattoo Bed

2. Can be rotated 360 degree by hand

3. Head,foot,armrest can be adjusted by hand and the chair height can be adjusted by pump

4. For massage, tattoo, beauty salon

5. Hight quality , soft, comfortable

Product Details

● The tattoo bed is seated on an extra stable steel construction base and is reinforced to allow your clients to lie fully flat while you work. The removable headrest pillow insert exposes a face cradle so your clients can lie comfortably on their stomach

● Patented design fully adjustable swing-out leg rests are independently adjustable so you can have easy comfortable access to any part of your client’s legs. Each leg rest can also be extended independently for your for taller clients

● Near limitless adjustable configurations. Separately controlled leg rests and armrests on a 360° hydraulic lift pump offers maximum customization. Locking wheels offer mobility while still providing a stable and secure base

● Our Patented Design offers a Cobra-Style backrest, removable headrests and swing out leg rests. These features combine to deliver unhindered access to your clients for truly awe-inspiring back work. Client hand rests and adjustable rear-facing footrest offer your clients maximum comfort while you are working

● Each ball-and-socket joint armrest has a fully adjustable tilt & swivel design so you can access all parts of your client’s arms during work. Armrests can be quickly added and removed from the Ink Bed within seconds – no tools needed. This allows you to customize your work surface for your client’s skin, ensuring client comfort – and optimal work surface for detailed inking

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