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New MO Tattoo Pen Machine

Packing: MO pen box

Include: tattoo pen*1 silicone RCA cable*1

Color: 3 colors black-red-gray

Parameters: 1. Interface: RCA interface 2. Material: Aluminum alloy 3. Craft: integrated

carving 4. Motor: Mabuchi II motor 5. Starting voltage: 5v 6. Working voltage: 8V 7. Rotation speed: 8V9000 to 8. Stroke: 0-3.5mm


1. The body is made of aluminum alloy material, one-piece carved, anodized and colored, fashionable and fashionable;

2. The connection line interface is pure copper gold-plated RCA interface, which has good electrical conductivity, wear resistance, and will not deform after long-term use;

3. The motor adopts the second-generation Mabuchi motor, which is characterized by high power, stable output, low skin damage, and fast coloring, which can ensure that the cutting line and fogging can be done easily when drawing, the working time is long without heating, and the output is stable. Meet the daily operation of various patterns by tattoo artists;

4. The overall process is CNC integrated, the frame shell and accessories are all finely carved, so the fit between the various accessories is very high, ensuring that the machine can achieve light sound, stable performance and wear-resistant accessories during use Damage, longer machine life;

5. MO brand pen, deeply carved, beautiful and fashionable, simple and generous;

6. The faceplate adopts a 10-slot plum blossom eccentric plate, which is more wear-resistant than ordinary faceplates. It is not easy to deform after a long time of use, has high rebound frequency, stable and powerful needle ejection, light sound, uniform speed, and long-lasting performance;

7. Stainless steel high-pressure resistant steel balls are placed on both sides of the main body, which can effectively protect the rubber band of the main body from being worn, and at the same time, it can adjust the needle length better and more accurately, the rotating sound is clear, the gear position is obvious, and the adjustment feel is good;

8. The handshaking part adopts a streamlined water drop non-slip design, and multiple finely carved edges can not only reduce the tremor of the hand, but also sweat and not slip the hand, ensuring that the tattoo artist will not get tired for a long time;

9. The card needle port is a standard Cheyenne size, which can be applied to most of the integrated needles on the market.

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