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Professional Complete Tattoo Kit with Rotary Machine TZ-001

Tattoo Kit with aluminum Alloy Box

1) Tattoo machine 2pcs
2) Aluminum alloy box 1pcs
3) Power supply 1pcs
4) Foot switch 1pcs
5) Clip cord 1pcs
6) Tattoo steel tips 5pcs (3r,5r, 7r,5f,7f)
7) Aluminum alloy grips 2pcs
8) Tattoo needles (5pcs For Each) (3rl,5rl,7rl,9rl,5m1,7m1 ,9m1, 3rs,5rs,7rs)
9) Disposable tips (5pcs For Each) (3rt,5rt, 7rt,9rt, 5ft,7ft , 9ft )
10) Ink cup 50pcs
11) Silicone O rings 50pcs
12) Needle pad 50pcs
13) Rubber bands 50pcs
14) Disposable gloves 2pcs
15) Disposable razor 1pcs
16) Practice skin 1pcs


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  • Tattoo machine or gun: This is the tool used to apply the tattoo ink to the skin. It typically consists of a handheld device with a motor that drives a needle or needles up and down to puncture the skin and deposit ink.
  • Bar needles: These are specialized needles that feature a straight bar configuration, rather than a circular grouping. They are commonly used for lining and shading work, and are available in a variety of sizes and configurations to create different effects.
  • Power supply: This is the device that provides electricity to the tattoo machine. It typically includes a foot pedal or switch to control the speed and intensity of the machine.
  • Grips and tips: These are the components that attach to the tattoo machine and hold the needles in place. They come in various sizes and materials to provide comfort and control for the artist.
  • Accessories: Some tattoo kits may also include other items such as gloves, stencil papertransfer solution, and cleaning supplies.

Assembling the Gun

1. Sanitize your hands. Tattoo guns need to be treated with the utmost care. Take precaution before handling these machines. Wash your hands with antibacterial soap or wear latex gloves.

2. Familiarize yourself with the gun. The frame holds all the pieces together. Then you have two electromagnetic coils which provide the power for the machine. The coils rapidly move the armature bar, which is connected to a barred needle. The power supply connects to the electromagnetic coils. All of these components can be removed or replaced as needed.

3. Assemble the barrel. Inspect the grip of the gun. There are two sides of the grip for the tube and the gun’s tip. Set these to the preferable length, and tighten the two screws on the grip. On average the needle shouldn’t exceed the tip more than 2 mm and no less than 1 mm. If there is excessive blood, then your needle is too long.

4. Set up the needle. Take a look at the needles you received with the kit. You should have a few different sizes of needles. Install one of the needles by inserting it through the tube towards the tip. Be careful not to dull a needle while assembling.

5. Secure the nipple. The nipple, also known as a grommet, secures the needle and grip to the gun’s base. Place a nipple on the armature bar pin. Fasten the needle’s blunt end onto the nipple.

6. Adjust the needle. Once you’ve assembled the grip, you need to adjust the length of how much the needle is exposed. You can adjust the needle’s exposure by adjusting the tube vise. The tube vise is the adjustable screw in between the armature and needle.


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