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Professional Tattoo Kit with Good Coil Machines TZ-005

Tattoo Kit with aluminum Alloy Box

1) Tattoo machine 2pcs
2) Aluminum alloy box 1pcs
3) Power supply 1pcs
4) Foot switch 1pcs
5) Clip cord 2pcs
6) Tattoo steel tips (3r,5r, 7r,9r, 5f,7f,9f)
7) Aluminum alloy grips 1pcs
8) Stainless steel grip 2pcs
9) Tattoo needles (5pcs For Each) (3rl,5rl,7rl,9rl,5m1,7m1,9m1,3rs,5rs,7rs)
10) Disposable tips (5pcs For Each) (3rt,5rt,7rt,9rt,5ft,7ft,9ft)
11) Ink cup 50pcs
12) Ink holder 1pcs
13) Silicone O rings 50pcs
14) Needle pad 50pcs
15) Rubber bands 50pcs
16) Disposable gloves 2pcs
17) Disposable razor 1pcs
18) Practice skins 1pcs
19) Hexagon adjuster 1bag
20) Tattoo cleaning brush 1set
21) Thermal copier paper 5pcs

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  • Tattoo machine or gun: This is the tool used to apply the tattoo ink to the skin. It typically consists of a handheld device with a motor that drives a needle or needles up and down to puncture the skin and deposit ink.
  • Bar needles: These are specialized needles that feature a straight bar configuration, rather than a circular grouping. They are commonly used for lining and shading work, and are available in a variety of sizes and configurations to create different effects.
  • Power supply: This is the device that provides electricity to the tattoo machine. It typically includes a foot pedal or switch to control the speed and intensity of the machine.
  • Grips and tips: These are the components that attach to the tattoo machine and hold the needles in place. They come in various sizes and materials to provide comfort and control for the artist.
  • Accessories: Some tattoo kits may also include other items such as gloves, stencil papertransfer solution, and cleaning supplies.

How to Set up Your Tattoo Machine?

Ever wanted to do your own tattoos to yourself and friends? Tattoos flourish outside the tattoo parlors. Home studios are sometimes how many current tattoo artists got their start. Tattoo machines are easy to set up. Make sure you are in a clean environment while setting up your tattoo machine.

1. Buy a starter kit for a convenient option. Starter kits are great because they offer all the parts you need for tattooing. These kits aren’t high in quality, but they are great for beginning to operate and maintain a tattoo machine.

Consider the quality of your machine before tattooing anyone. A set up that is cheaper could hurt or infect someone or result in a low quality tattoo.

2. Purchase individual parts if you want them to last longer. For those who want better quality parts, purchasing individual components is the path for you. Buying individual parts gives you the freedom to choose the extensions that you want and set up the machine just the way you want them.

Also, individual parts generally need to be replaced less often than a starter kit.

3. Get the tools you need to set up the machine. You’ll need an Allen key set and a small screwdriver, at the minimum. Check out the kit instructions or look over the individual parts to determine if you’ll need any other tools to set up the machine.

4. Ask a professional for advice if you’re new to tattooing. If you have a regular tattoo artist, open up a dialogue about home kits. Artists who operate out of tattoo shops often have worked from home at some point. They can offer valuable input.

Some professionals may even be willing to give you a tutorial on setting up the machine, for a fee

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