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Professional Tattoo pen Fast Charging 1800mAh Wireless Battery Pen Adjusting Voltage Rotary Tattoo Machine Digital LED Supply

1.Item Type:Tattoo Battery Pen Machine
2.Motor: 2016 coreless motor
3.Size 32mm*142mm
4.Weight: 197g (including battery compartment)
5.polymer battery (1800mAh)
6.Charging for 2 hours, Work 5-8 hours
7.Rotational speed: 10800rpm
8.Working voltage: 5-12V
9.Stroke: 3.5mm
10.Adjustable Needle Length: 0-4.5mm
11.Color: Red; Black; Green; Silver
12.Strong start/timing/pause/quick voltage Regulation



1.The wireless tattoo machine pen uses the latest technology, efficient and perfect.
2.The wireless tattoo machine can be charged quickly.
3.After the tattoo machine is fully charged, the capacity screen displays 4 bars.
4.The tattoo machine is charged for 2 hours and the working time 5 -8 hours.
5.Compatible with most cartridge brands of tattoo needles on the market.
6.Voltage is stable, Low noise, Powerful Motor.
7.The tattoo machine adopts a gear grip non-slip design, and the charging interface is a Type C interface, which has strong compatibility.


1 x Rotary Tattoo Machine Pen
1 x Charging Cable
1 x Box


The wireless tattoo pen machine has a more powerful battery. The capacity of the battery is 1800 mAh, can work for5- 8 hours when fully charged, just need 2 hours for fully charged, and it also can work normally when charging. Easier operation: Startup – adjust the voltage – work. No need for extra operations can enter the working state immediately. Long press 3’s  ‘P’ button turn on/off, quick adjusting voltage mode, long press the “+” or “-” key to switch the voltage range.The wireless tattoo machine is for every tattoo artist that is not strictly confined to just one tattoo-salon, or confined to just one spot in the salon/room. This wireless machine is for everyone that does tattoos, regardless of the premises or location at a certain point.

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