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Professional Tattoo Thermal Copier, Transfer printer machine

Tattoo Thermal Transfer Machine

(1)Fuss free operation–works just like a fax machine

(2)Compact unit won’t take up valuable space in your tattoo studio

(3)Shorten time spent on directly drawing image on skin

(4)Let you get an undivided, lined , wonderful image

(5)Make your tattoo work more effective

(6)USB compatible, it can print out the images and copies saved in your PC

(7)Easy to take , light-weight , favorable price , high quality

(8) Full stock all the time



1.Portable than any of the traditional copiers.It is less weight but same function.

2.Complied with the adapter that suit for input 100-240V.And all countries’ power lead.

3.Compatible with PC.

4.Durable and easy for maintain.

Package includes:

1 x Transfer machine

1 x English manual

1 x Power cord

Larger Quantity, Lower Prices!!!!!


Effective Scanning Width: 210 mm

Document size: A5-A4

Document Thickness: 0.06 mm-0.15mm

Power: AC 110V-220V; 50Hz/0.46A

Button Function:

Normal : Shifts between tow kinds of light situation. When the normal copy function starts, the normal light works.

Deepness 1: To set the copied documents by Deepness 1. When the Deepness 1 works, the Deepness 2 goes off

Deepness 2: to set the copied documents by Deepness 2. When the Deepness 2 works, the Deepness 1 goes off.

Copy: To start the copy function.

Stop: To stop the copy function..

Power: The light indicates that the machine is prepared for working.

Error: The light is to show something wrong happened on the machine. When the TPH is Overheating, the light goes on.


1. If you want to stop the copying mission, please press the key “STOP”.

2. If the warning signal sounds, ERROR lights works and stop copying immaturely;

Tattoo Thermal Copier allows the tattoo artist or professional to copies designs onto stencil paper quickly and efficiently in a few easy steps.

This Tattoo Thermal Copier weighs only 1.6 kg/3.5 lb, It is light and small so it is convenient to carry. Compact enough to fit almost anywhere. You can make the tattoo creation anytime anywhere as you like

This tattoo printer has fast transfer printing speed, low heat, low noise and stable performance. Compatible Transfer Paper Size: Approx 8.5 inch x 11 inch (W*L) . Compatible with the voltage of 100-240v, it can work for you all around the world

This printer lightweight and can be quickly moved and easy to storage,give you more convenience. You can make the tattoo creation anytime anywhere as you like.

Made of ABS material, which is environmental, safe and durable for long-term use. High Quantity tattoo machine for tattoo artists Easy to operate. No adjusting required and time-saving.

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