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Soft Silicone Large Training Skin for Body Art Artificial Blank Full Back Tattoo Practice Skin

Genuine silicone, soft and easy to color, thickness 0.3cm,

Name: Full back practice skin

Material: First grade environmental protection silicone

Parking Size: 50*40*0.3cm

Weight: 0.6 kg



Flexible texture, leather texture, good props for beginners.

Imitating the structural characteristics of human skin,

It is made of a special material that is closest to the texture of human skin, and its texture is soft and elastic close to that of human skin.

It is the best practice supplies for beginners before real operation.

(Some students said that the practice skin is easy to get dirty.

Here is a good way for you, it will be clean after wiping with Vaseline)

Making the most out of your tattoo practice skins

When using your practice skins, try to bear in mind that this is a great opportunity to treat your work as a serious project – practice skin or not! If you are new to the world of tattooing, ensure that you are paying attention to every little detail, just as you would with the real thing. Take into consideration the environment and area that you are working in, try and focus whether or not you have taken the right amount of hygiene precautions.

It is important to focus on your work area and hygiene measures. Before you begin handling needles or ink, you should consider how clean the surface you are using is. Do you have a method of safely disposing of the needles? How will you manage your materials? These are all crucial aspects that need to be analysed when performing a stick and poke and practice skins is the ideal opportunity to rehearse these measures.

Experimenting with different needle sizes

All tattoo needles come in many different sizes, all for different means. Using tattoo practice skins will allow you to experiment with a range of needle sizes and therefore allow you to gain a feel for which you may think would be appropriate to use on the real stick and poke. A good idea is to use the practice skin to create some sort of chart so you can compare the dots and thickness of lines that each size creates.

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