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Straight Tattoo Cartridge Grip 32mm

Wholesale Tattoo Supplies Aluminum Tattoo Handle 32mm Adjustable Cartridge Tattoo Grip

Durable, Easy Operation, Adjustable Needles Length, Comfortable Grip

Fully detachable structure, All accessories are CNC carved.

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Product name: Tattoo Cartridge Grip

Net weight: 84.5g Gross weight: 148g

Size: 81.8mm*32mm

Packing: Grip box + 3 stainless steel thimble rods (85-90-95mm)

Color: 3 colors black red silver

Function: Body tattoo art


1. Material: aluminum alloy

2. Process: Lathe

3. The size of the inlay needle: Cheyenne Standard

4. Structure: Ordinary adjustable structure


1. Straight design, non-slip, not tired after long-term use;

2. Thicken the stainless steel pipe, lock the machine more firmly, without shaking, and the steel pipe will not be deformed after long time use;

3. Classic style, simple and generous, high cost performance;

4. Standard Cheyenne size, suitable for most of the integrated needles on the market;

These tubes enable you to use your own pre-made needles within them and you can still add bend to your needles if you required. These tubes are manufactured so that there is no friction or restriction on the needle bar inside. Ergonomic design, sterilized and harmless.

Made with High-quality Soft Silicon Rubber, a solid grip and a clear tip for easy observation of needle movement. Each grip is individually packaged in a sterile wrapper with clearly marked size, sterilization and expiration date.


1. This high quality aluminum tattoo tubes is brand new and unused

2. An essentials addition to your tattoo studio

3. Handwork finish the high quality polish to ensure be easier cleaned

4. This is aluminum alloy tubes is made of world class standards using better materials and precision machined

5. Easy to clean and fully autoclave

6. It is comfortable for you to use the non-slip light-weight knurled professional tattoo machine tubes

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