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Thin Permanent Makeup & Tattoo Pen Machines with Coreless Motor

RCA Interface Tattoo& Makeup Pen Gun Coreless Motor Tattoo Pen Machine for Tattoos and Makeup

Net weight: 87.2g Gross weight: 207g

Size: 124.5*18.5mm (the thickest part in the middle is 24mm)

Packing: clamshell box + RCA line

Color: 4 colors black-red-gray-gold



1. Interface: RCA interface

2. Material: Aluminum alloy

3. Process: CNC integrated precision carving

4. Motor: Coreless 17*25 motor

5. Starting voltage: 5v

6. Working voltage: 7-9V

7. Stroke: 3.5mm

8. Needle outlet: General Cheyenne Standard


1. The body is small and delicate, with finely carved and cut edges, the appearance is shiny and bright, and the hand feels fine and smooth;

2. To break the boundary between tattoos and eyebrows, dual-purpose pen for tattoos and eyebrows, cost-effective;

3. Using Coreless 17*25 motor, stable power output, low sound, no heat, and long service life;

4. One-piece carved craftsmanship, anodized smooth surface, unique appearance design, novel shape, fashionable style;

5. The oblique RCA protective layer can not only effectively prevent the wear of the interface, but also better fix the RCA line, with a beautiful and generous appearance;

6. Hand pattern anti-slip design, unique wavy carved edge, non-slip and grip resistant, long-term use, not tired, sweaty and not slippery;

7. Three-stage detachable structure, worry-free after-sales, daily maintenance and replacement of accessories are very simple;

8. The needle outlet is of Cheyenne standard size, which is suitable for most of the tattoo needles on the market;

The length of the needle can be adjusted by rotating the body, and the stroke of 0-3.5mm can meet the needs of various tattoos

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