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Tyrannosaurus Rex II Tattoo Pen Machine

Name: Tyrannosaurus Rex Tattoo Pen

Interface: RCA

Color: Gold-Sliver

Motor: Taiwan Coreless motor

Material: Aluminum alloy

Size: 120*30mm

Packing: upper and lower lid box + RCA thin line

Color: gold-silver

Parameters: 1. Interface: RCA interface 2. Material: Aluminum alloy 3. Process: CNC integrated precision carving 4. Motor: Taiwan hollow cup (24*32mm) 5. Starting voltage: 6v 6. Working voltage: 8-10V 7. Speed: 10v10000 rpm



1. Adopt Taiwan coreless motor, the main power of this motor-deep fog-secant-heavy color, strong power, stable output, can meet the needs of tattoo artists for any pattern;

2. One-piece carved craftsmanship, high-grade electroplating bright surface, unique appearance design, novel style, fashionable style, in line with the aesthetics of contemporary tattoo artists;

3. The second-generation structure tattoo pen is convenient and practical, easy to disassemble, daily maintenance, and later maintenance is easier, just unscrew it, which greatly improves the service life of the tattoo pen;

4. The main part is equipped with a detachable screw structure, the pen body is detachable, and it is more convenient to replace the accessories;

5. The main body is built-in high-grade wear-resistant adjustable steel ball, click-click-click to adjust the sound of the needle is clear, the rotation adjustment of the needle is more accurate, and it is comfortable to use;

6. The needle ejection adopts a finely carved plum blossom ten-cornered flower disk, the arc ejection needle is 3.5mm, high wear resistance, it drives the needle to be stable, the sound is light, and the performance of the entire tattoo pen is greatly improved;

7. Handprint anti-slip design, 5 finely carved incisions on the pen body, good hand feeling, long time use by tattoo artists, sweat and not slippery

8. The needle outlet is in accordance with the international standard size, which is suitable for most of the tattoo needles of Cheyenne size on the market;

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