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Wireless A4 Size Bluetooth Thermal Tattoo Printer Tattoo Transfer Machine

Wireless A4 Size Bluetooth Thermal Tattoo Printer

Build-in rechargable battery, fast charging battery

Thermal printing, no cartridges in required

Portable with out power supply, easy to carry



A wireless Bluetooth tattoo printer is a small, portable device that connects to a smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth technology and allows users to print high-quality tattoo stencils directly onto transfer paper. This type of printer is specifically designed for tattoo artists who want the convenience of being able to print stencils on the go, without the need for a wired connection to a computer or printer.

Wireless Bluetooth tattoo printers typically use thermal printing technology, which heats up the transfer paper to create high-resolution images that can be used as a guide for tattooing. They are typically compact in size, lightweight, and easy to use, with simple controls and intuitive interfaces that make them accessible to both novice and experienced tattoo artists.

These printers may also come with additional features such as rechargeable batteries, multiple connectivity options, and the ability to print from a variety of devices. They can be a valuable tool for tattoo artists who want to streamline their workflow and create accurate, high-quality stencils quickly and easily

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