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Yellow Plastic Disposable Tips

Features: transparent, ultra-thin, more ink storage.

1. The needle tip is made of translucent material, making it easier to observe the needle;

2. Innovative curve slope design, more ink storage and smoother;

3. The side wall of the mouth is ultra-thin, which makes it easy to get a needle and leave no space.

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Tips for choosing needle nozzles for tattoo needles:

Round needles (RL, RS) are equipped with R needle nozzles, and pin headers (F, M1, M2, RM) are equipped with F needle nozzles.

Among them, M2 is a double row, and the matching needle nozzle is half the size or one size larger.

All others choose the same size or one size larger.







R: close R, OR: open R, F: close F, M: open F


• 50pcs Disposable Sterilized Tattoo tips in one box

• Made of high-strength plastic, durable and affordable price

• Easy to operate, very convenient

• Professional standard length

• Disposable tattoo tube tip, safe and healthy to your body

• Suitable for professional use or home use

• Good designed, excellent for use

• Manufactured to CE, ISO-9002, and EN specifications.

• Each tip is individually blister packed in it’s own factory sealed packaging.

• Each tip is pre-sterilized with E.O. Gas (ethylene oxide)

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