Preparation before tattooing

What to prepare before getting a tattoo?

attoos are liked by many young people. Nowadays, tattoos are a trend and fashion, but it is not a painting. You can tear it off at any time, so it is necessary to know as much preparation work as possible before getting a tattoo. Likewise, it is not a painting. It can also give you more confidence.

Different tattoo enthusiasts mention their past tattoo experiences differently. This article compiled 352 articles and mainly pointed out the preparation before the 20 most mentioned tattoos.

Preparation before tattooing

01 Tattoo design selection

This preparation was mentioned by 32% of tattoo enthusiasts.
Before getting a tattoo, you should choose a pattern that suits you and don’t blindly follow trends. Everyone’s aesthetics are different, and other people’s preferences do not mean that they are suitable for you. It’s best to ask a tattoo artist to design a unique tattoo for you, but don’t ask for it lightly. When choosing a pattern, consider your physical and emotional state and make an appointment. A good tattoo artist is worth the wait, so don’t miss the opportunity to get a tattoo.

Tattoo novices who want to know which patterns are popular can refer to 《best tattoo designs for men in 2023》.

02 Don’t drink too much

Do not drink too much and avoid drinking as much as possible. This was mentioned by 11% of tattoo lovers.
Be careful not to drink too much before getting a tattoo, because alcohol will speed up the blood flow, which will not only not reduce the stinging sensation of the tattoo, but will also affect the healing of the tattoo.

03 Prepare sufficient funds for expenses

9% of tattoo enthusiasts mentioned
Before getting a tattoo, you should prepare enough funds to avoid being cash-strapped. The cost of a tattoo not only includes the pattern area, color and details, but is also closely related to the skill of the tattoo artist. Don’t easily compare prices with other tattoo shops, because you don’t know how good the masters of other tattoo shops are. Furthermore, the art of tattooing is not cheap, no matter the country. Having enough money ready is also to avoid embarrassing situations. The tattoo artist’s time is precious, so everyone needs to be prepared in advance.

04 Wear comfortable and loose-fitting clothes

8% results mentioned
Wear comfortable and loose clothes before getting a tattoo. Choosing darker clothes can avoid tattoo pigments from splattering on the clothes. Loose clothes can also facilitate subsequent tattoo operations.

05 Communicate with the tattoo artist

8% results mentioned
Before getting a tattoo, it is necessary to work with a tattoo artist. You can communicate with the tattoo master to understand the design you want and ask him to make corrections and suggestions.
At the same time, you should also keep an open mind and listen to the tattoo artist’s opinions and suggestions.
In addition, to choose a reliable tattoo artist, you can choose by examining his works and reputation. Tattoo artists have their own opinions and creative concepts. They require tattoo artists to make multiple revisions when necessary to maintain communication and trust with clients.

06 Clean the area you are going to tattoo

6% results mentioned
Before preparing a tattoo, you should clean the area where you are going to get the tattoo to prevent dirt from entering the skin. This will also help with rinsing and cleaning after the tattoo.

07 Take a bath

3% results mentioned
You should take a shower before getting a tattoo, because tattooing is performed on the skin. If you do not pay attention to personal hygiene, sweat will remain on the skin, affecting the normal work of the tattoo artist, and even causing infection.

08 Eat a full meal

3% results mentioned
You must eat a full meal before getting a tattoo, because hunger will affect people’s endurance and affect the effect of the tattoo. Also, getting a tattoo on an empty stomach can cause symptoms of hypoglycemia, so be sure to have a snack of candy or glucose ready.

09 Tattoo price positioning

2% results mentioned
The price of tattoos is determined by the amount of tattoos chosen and the skill level of the tattoo artist.
The price of a tattoo can range from free to hundreds of thousands, but the price of a tattoo artist who charges by area is on the high side. In China, it is generally around 500-3,000 yuan/hour (the price of tattoo artists in each country is different).
Tattoo artists can make detailed classifications based on pattern style, color, and location to set different prices, which is a more reasonable charging method. If you want to find a good tattoo artist to get a tattoo, you can save up money, but be careful not to bargain on the price.
Tattoos are priceless, don’t take the tattoo artist’s skills seriously, otherwise there is no need for the tattoo artist to use your skin as human skin.

10 Endure the pain as best you can

2% results mentioned
Before getting a tattoo, we need to pay attention to tolerate the pain as much as possible.
Pain is unavoidable, but we can ask ourselves to take a break and take a few minutes to eat a snack or drink a drink. This can reduce the discomfort of pain and make you more comfortable. If you need a break, take it.
Try to tolerate the pain as much as you can so that you can better complete your tattoo and avoid unnecessary pain.

11 disposable masks

2% results mentioned
Before getting a tattoo, you need to prepare a disposable mask.
Disposable masks are waterproof, dustproof, and UV-proof, and can effectively reduce the risk of contamination and infection during the tattoo process.
Using a disposable mask ensures that the tattooing process is free of dust and bacteria, while also protecting the tattoo artist’s skin from sunlight and UV rays.
Therefore, it is necessary to prepare a disposable mask before getting a tattoo.

12 tattoo studios, tattoo artists’ choices

2% results mentioned
Tattoo shops are an important part of choosing a tattoo artist.
When choosing a tattoo artist, a tattoo artist should consider whether the pattern and location are suitable.
Tattoo artists are the ones who give you new life, and their tattoos are for a new look.
Therefore, tattoo artists should choose one that suits their style.
In addition, every tattoo shop is different, so to understand each artist’s skills, it is best to visit the tattoo shop. Some tattoo shops accept you through online customer service. They may not be able to provide professional tattoo services, so choose a tattoo shop with a good reputation.

13 Avoid sick periods and menstrual periods

2% results mentioned
Before getting a tattoo, it is best to avoid periods of illness and menstruation.
If you feel unwell or have symptoms such as fever or cold, you should communicate with the tattoo artist in time and try to avoid getting a tattoo during this period.
Especially female friends should avoid getting tattoos if they are in their menstrual period or during pregnancy and breastfeeding, because these situations will affect the recovery of the tattoo design and aggravate the discomfort during tattooing.
Therefore, before getting a tattoo, it is best to understand your physical condition and follow the advice of professionals to ensure that the tattoo goes smoothly.

14 Know Your Tattoo Tools

2% results mentioned
Before getting a tattoo, it is necessary to understand your tattoo tools.
This includes understanding the needles used, the lines used for tattooing, and the pigments required.
By understanding the functions and properties of these tools, you can ensure a smooth process during the tattooing process and gain a better grasp of the details and patterns of your tattoo.
It is worth noting that before getting a tattoo, make sure that disposable supplies have not been used and the equipment has been thoroughly disinfected. There is a certain probability of being infected with the virus during the tattoo, so be careful to ensure that this does not happen.

15 There should be no wounds on the tattooed area

2% results mentioned
Before getting a tattoo, make sure there are no wounds on the tattooed area.
This is because wounds will cause unnecessary damage to the tattoo and may affect the durability of the tattoo.
If there are wounds at the tattoo site, you can inform the tattoo artist in advance to determine whether the tattoo can be performed.
If the tattoo area is a scar, it is best to inform the tattoo artist in advance so that they can give professional advice and guidance.

16 Choice of tattoo site and pattern color

2% results mentioned
Before getting a tattoo, you should choose the tattoo site and pattern color.
The choice of tattoo location and pattern color is to combine with the body to create beauty. Otherwise, not only will it not be beautiful, but it will be superfluous.
There are many kinds of tattoo colors, and the colors we can see with the naked eye can be expressed. It is very important to choose the color that suits your skin.
People with yellow skin and white skin can choose more black and white and brighter colors. For example, light black is less obvious on people with dark skin. Choosing the right tattoo color can make it easier to remember and identify, while also showing off your personal taste and style.

17 Try to be quiet when getting a tattoo

1% results mentioned
Before getting a tattoo, we need to be mentally prepared, such as keeping quiet during the tattoo.
Try to provide a quiet environment for tattoo artists to ensure they can focus on their work.
This not only avoids disturbing other people, but also allows the tattoo artist to create better.
In addition, it is also a good choice to play with your mobile phone for a while or wear headphones to listen to music. This can keep you focused and allow the tattoo artist to better complete the work.

Well, I think this is the tattoo artist’s suggestion.

18 Don’t take painkillers

1% results mentioned
Do not take painkillers before getting a tattoo.
Painkillers concentrate the blood, causing more bleeding when getting a tattoo.

19 Choose a Good Tattoo Studio

1% results mentioned
Before choosing a good tattoo shop, we need to be fully prepared.
It is necessary to understand the situation of tattoo parlors and see if there are any tattoo parlors with substandard certificates to avoid harm.
Secondly, choose a reliable and reliable tattoo studio to avoid problems such as color fading and allergies after tattooing.

20 Understand your skin characteristics

1% results mentioned
Before getting a tattoo, you should understand your skin characteristics, including allergies, scar constitution, etc., to determine the effect of the tattoo.
Especially for novices, it is best not to get arm tattoos or overly large designs for the first time in order to understand their skin’s tolerance and healing conditions.
Starting from the small picture, you can better judge the preparation work before tattooing and improve the effect of tattooing.

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